Committee Minutes Spring 2012

Committee Minutes Spring 2012

Tomy opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Treasurer’s report  - Tomy reported that there was enough money to pay for this campout up front.  The cost was $580.00.  There is enough money to pay for the next campout.
Wood cost for this campout was $20.00.  Supplies cost $45.00.

Web site - Val has been updating the site.  We are looking into Pay Pal.

Discussion of Pay Pal - Do we add a fee for use?  How do we refund money if someone cancels?   It was decided that we wouldn’t charge a fee for use of Pay Pal.  If someone cancels we would just return the money.  It was decided to keep the checking account as is in Tomy’s name and not get a separate Camparama account.  Sherry made a motion that we add Pay Pal as a way for campers to make payment.  It was seconded.  We voted and it passed.  Hopefully this will be set up by the Fall.

Flyer- Mack suggested that we put the speaker’s names on the flyer.  Ginny would like to see a schedule of events on the flyer as well.

Registration- Tomy is going to clean up the registration forms.  Take off the car tag section and the name tag section.

Committee positions:

Chairperson – Tomy
Treasurer – Tomy
Secretary – Ginny
Coffee makers – Ginny and Dave
Wood – Bob
Set up for meals – Kathy and helpers
Clean up – Courtney and helpers
Fire Marshall – Ben
Supply keeper – Ward and Cindy
Purchase supplies – Courtney and Ginny
Flyer – Sherry
Alanon Chair – Cindy
Raffle – Clarissa
Speaker chairs – Courtney and Joy

It would be great to have more attendees at the committee meeting.  Volunteers are always needed and welcome.

Next Camparama: September 21,22,23, 2012

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