Committee Minutes Spring 2011


APRIL 30, 2011

Tomy reported that we already have the money for the next campout.  We actually have a surplus of money at this time.  Suggestions were made for use of the surplus:

1. New podium

2. extension cords

3. good power strip

The campground gave us free wood this campout.  We thanked them very much.  They like our group.

A suggestion was made to put a waiver on the website and flyer stating that “Camp at Own Risk”.

Mack brought up purchasing a really good first aid kit.  This was agreed upon and a great idea.  Cassy and Lynn will take care of overseeing the first aid kit.

It was voted on to keep a $700.00 prudent reserve for the campout.

Courtney brought up looking into another campground to accommodate more people.  We would like to stay where we are, but Courtney is going to look into other sites.

Ward suggested that we look into Pay Pal as a means to pay for the camping reservation.  Someone is going to talk to Val about looking into this method of payment.   It does have a cost to it and may not be feasible.

The next campout in the Fall will be the 60th.  It was discussed that we have a fish fry and some kind of celebration for that weekend.  If you have any suggestions let Tomy know.  We are going to contact some of the original campers and get statements from them about what it was like.   The Fall dates are September 16, 17 & 18.


  • Wood – Bob
  • Coffee – Dave & Ginny
  • Fire Marshall – Tim
  • Supplies- Purchasing – Courtney
  • Storing – Ward & Cindy
  • Raffle – Clarissa
  • Secretary – Ginny
  • Flyers – Dave
  • Meals – Set Up – unknown
  • Clean Up- unknown
  • Chairperson – Tomy

Possible speakers for next campout – Sherry & Eric

Spring was a great success.  It was great to see everyone.

See you in the Fall.

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