Committee Minutes September 2008

Item – Raffle
It was decided to have the raffle after the Sat. night meeting. Before the campfire.
Brenda is to be reimbursed for the money spent on this raffle.

Item – Supplies
Brent will take an inventory of supplies and purchase what is needed for next Camparama. Brent will be reimbursed for cost.

Item – Next Camparama
We probably won’t have it at Shoal Creek. Ben found another campground and is going to go look at it. Shady Grove Campground.

Item – Flyers
Mail flyers for next Camparama in order to get more preregistrations.

Item – New Address list
The pad will be passed around to get addresses.

Next Camparama – 1st weekend in May

Payment for day people of $10.00 was discussed. It was decide that we will pass the hat on Sat. night.

Item – List of jobs

Set up and take down for meals- Lynn and Cathy
Kids entertainment – Ward
E-mail group in Yahoo- Ron and Courtney
New Flyer – Dave
Wood – Bob F.
Coffee – Ginny and Dave
Marshall – Ben and Asst. Ward
Secretary- Ginny
Chairperson – Tomi
Raffle – Brenda
Supplies – Brent

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