Committee Minutes Fall 2011

Committee Meeting

Fall Camparama 9/24/11


Tomy opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Business report- Allmost all campers registered on the web site.  Tomy is going to remove his snail mail address from the flyer.  Next Camparama all will register online.

We will again send a pad around to get new e-mail addresses.

Fish Fry- Sat. night- Tomy and Ben will cook the fish at Ben’s site.

Ward purchased a new sound system for the Camparama.  It works great too.

Cassie purchased a first aid kit for use at Camparama.  Thank you Cassie.

Ginny will purchase a new power strip and 100′ electrical cord for the next Camparama in the Spring

Cindy requested the use of the coffee pots for a non-Camparama function.  It was voted on and approved.

Mack asked if we are going to pass the basket on Sat. night?  We voted on and yes was the answer.  We also discussed putting out a 7th tradition jar on Sat. night.


Chairperson – Tomy

Treasurer – Tomy

Secretary – Ginny

Coffee makers – Ginny and Dave

Wood – Bob

Set up for meals – Kathy and helpers

Clean up – Courtney and helpers

Fire Marshall – Ben

Supply keeper – Ward & Cindy

Purchaser of supplies – Courtney or Ginny

Flyer – Sherry

Alanon Chair – Cindy

Raffle – Clarissa


Next campout will be the weekend of April 27-29, 2012.  Mark your calendars.

The meeting was adjourned and the Lord’s Prayer was said.

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