Committee Minutes Spring 2012

Committee Minutes Spring 2012

Tomy opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Treasurer’s report – Tomy reported that there was enough money to pay for this campout up front. The cost was $580.00. There is enough money to pay for the next campout. Wood cost for this campout was $20.00. Supplies cost $45.00.


Committee Minutes Fall 2011

Committee Meeting

Fall Camparama 9/24/11


Tomy opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Business report- Allmost all campers registered on the web site. Tomy is going to remove his snail mail address from the flyer. Next Camparama all will register online.

We will again send a pad around to get [...]

Committee Minutes Spring 2011


APRIL 30, 2011

Tomy reported that we already have the money for the next campout. We actually have a surplus of money at this time. Suggestions were made for use of the surplus:

1. New podium

2. extension cords

3. good power strip

The campground gave us free [...]

Committee Minutes Fall 2010



Chairperson – Tomy Coffee makers – Ginny and Dave Wood – Bob Storing supplies – Ward Buying supplies – Courtney and Ginny Set up for Meals – Cathy and Deborah Clean up – Lynn and any volunteers. Fire Marshall – Ben Raffle [...]

Committee Minutes May 2009

• It was decided that the Fall Camparama will be the weekend after Labor Day, which is September 11,12 & 13.

• Ben is going to take care of reserving the site for September.

• Shady Grove will be our Camparama site. Every one agreed that it is a nicer site than Shoal [...]

Committee Minutes September 2008

Item – Raffle It was decided to have the raffle after the Sat. night meeting. Before the campfire. Brenda is to be reimbursed for the money spent on this raffle.

Item – Supplies Brent will take an inventory of supplies and purchase what is needed for next Camparama. Brent will be reimbursed for cost.

Item [...]