Committee Minutes Spring 2012

Committee Minutes Spring 2012

Tomy opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Treasurer’s report  - Tomy reported that there was enough money to pay for this campout up front.  The cost was $580.00.  There is enough money to pay for the next campout.
Wood cost for this campout was $20.00.  Supplies cost $45.00.

Web site - Val has been updating the site.  We are looking into Pay Pal.

Discussion of Pay Pal - Do we add a fee for use?  How do we refund money if someone cancels?   It was decided that we wouldn’t charge a fee for use of Pay Pal.  If someone cancels we would just return the money.  It was decided to keep the checking account as is in Tomy’s name and not get a separate Camparama account.  Sherry made a motion that we add Pay Pal as a way for campers to make payment.  It was seconded.  We voted and it passed.  Hopefully this will be set up by the Fall.

Flyer- Mack suggested that we put the speaker’s names on the flyer.  Ginny would like to see a schedule of events on the flyer as well.

Registration- Tomy is going to clean up the registration forms.  Take off the car tag section and the name tag section.

Committee positions:

Chairperson – Tomy
Treasurer – Tomy
Secretary – Ginny
Coffee makers – Ginny and Dave
Wood – Bob
Set up for meals – Kathy and helpers
Clean up – Courtney and helpers
Fire Marshall – Ben
Supply keeper – Ward and Cindy
Purchase supplies – Courtney and Ginny
Flyer – Sherry
Alanon Chair – Cindy
Raffle – Clarissa
Speaker chairs – Courtney and Joy

It would be great to have more attendees at the committee meeting.  Volunteers are always needed and welcome.

Next Camparama: September 21,22,23, 2012

Committee Minutes Fall 2011

Committee Meeting

Fall Camparama 9/24/11


Tomy opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Business report- Allmost all campers registered on the web site.  Tomy is going to remove his snail mail address from the flyer.  Next Camparama all will register online.

We will again send a pad around to get new e-mail addresses.

Fish Fry- Sat. night- Tomy and Ben will cook the fish at Ben’s site.

Ward purchased a new sound system for the Camparama.  It works great too.

Cassie purchased a first aid kit for use at Camparama.  Thank you Cassie.

Ginny will purchase a new power strip and 100′ electrical cord for the next Camparama in the Spring

Cindy requested the use of the coffee pots for a non-Camparama function.  It was voted on and approved.

Mack asked if we are going to pass the basket on Sat. night?  We voted on and yes was the answer.  We also discussed putting out a 7th tradition jar on Sat. night.


Chairperson – Tomy

Treasurer – Tomy

Secretary – Ginny

Coffee makers – Ginny and Dave

Wood – Bob

Set up for meals – Kathy and helpers

Clean up – Courtney and helpers

Fire Marshall – Ben

Supply keeper – Ward & Cindy

Purchaser of supplies – Courtney or Ginny

Flyer – Sherry

Alanon Chair – Cindy

Raffle – Clarissa


Next campout will be the weekend of April 27-29, 2012.  Mark your calendars.

The meeting was adjourned and the Lord’s Prayer was said.

Committee Minutes Spring 2011


APRIL 30, 2011

Tomy reported that we already have the money for the next campout.  We actually have a surplus of money at this time.  Suggestions were made for use of the surplus:

1. New podium

2. extension cords

3. good power strip

The campground gave us free wood this campout.  We thanked them very much.  They like our group.

A suggestion was made to put a waiver on the website and flyer stating that “Camp at Own Risk”.

Mack brought up purchasing a really good first aid kit.  This was agreed upon and a great idea.  Cassy and Lynn will take care of overseeing the first aid kit.

It was voted on to keep a $700.00 prudent reserve for the campout.

Courtney brought up looking into another campground to accommodate more people.  We would like to stay where we are, but Courtney is going to look into other sites.

Ward suggested that we look into Pay Pal as a means to pay for the camping reservation.  Someone is going to talk to Val about looking into this method of payment.   It does have a cost to it and may not be feasible.

The next campout in the Fall will be the 60th.  It was discussed that we have a fish fry and some kind of celebration for that weekend.  If you have any suggestions let Tomy know.  We are going to contact some of the original campers and get statements from them about what it was like.   The Fall dates are September 16, 17 & 18.


  • Wood – Bob
  • Coffee – Dave & Ginny
  • Fire Marshall – Tim
  • Supplies- Purchasing – Courtney
  • Storing – Ward & Cindy
  • Raffle – Clarissa
  • Secretary – Ginny
  • Flyers – Dave
  • Meals – Set Up – unknown
  • Clean Up- unknown
  • Chairperson – Tomy

Possible speakers for next campout – Sherry & Eric

Spring was a great success.  It was great to see everyone.

See you in the Fall.

Committee Members as of September 2010

Chairperson – Tomy
Coffee makers – Ginny and Dave
Wood – Bob
Storing supplies – Ward
Buying supplies – Courtney and Ginny
Set up for Meals – Cathy and Deborah
Clean up – Lynn and any volunteers.
Fire Marshall – Ben
Raffle – Tomy and Clarissa
Flyer – Dave

Committee Minutes Fall 2010



Chairperson – Tomy
Coffee makers – Ginny and Dave
Wood – Bob
Storing supplies – Ward
Buying supplies – Courtney and Ginny
Set up for Meals – Cathy and Deborah
Clean up – Lynn and any volunteers.
Fire Marshall – Ben
Raffle – Tomy and Clarissa
Flyer – Dave


Each paid camper will receive 4 raffle tickets.
Additional tickets will be sold for $.25.
One campout registration fee will be raffled off.


There was a balance of $918.00 after Spring Campout.
$580 cost of campsites
$402 Balance (minus cost of supplies for fall $68.00)


It was suggested the itinerary for the weekend be posted for all to see.  This will probably be done at the pavilion.

Tentative date for the next campout is April 29-May 1.

Head count for fall was approximately 70,  just lots and lots of adults and children.

Committee Minutes April 2010

Spring Camparama Committee Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2010

 I trust that everyone that came to the Spring Camparama had a great time.  It was great to see such a large turnout. Wooohooo!

 Treasurer’s report:  As of 5/1 Tomy reported that we had $640.00 collected from registrations.  There was more to be collected.  We should have enough for the campground in Sept.

Discussions: It was decided to leave the website as is and not add Pay Pal at this time. Campers are encouraged to continue to mail in registration fee.

There was discussion about anonymity on the Camparama website photo section.  It would be best to get permission from the people in photos if possible before posting on site.   A message might be added to remind people to “respect anonymity”.

Ward brought up having a banner for Camparama.  He priced one at $132.00.  Clarissa suggested a less expensive banner possibly from Vista Print.  She will look into prices and get back to us.

 On Saturday night someone will get up and explain the Jack Ferguson Fund.

The raffle will be held on Saturday night.  Don’t forget to donate items for the raffle.

 It was discussed that we pass the basket both on Sat. night and Sunday morning.

 The next Camparama will be Sept. 10-12.

Committees for next Camparama:

Chairperson – Tomy

Marshalls – Ben and Mack

Wood – Bob

Coffee – Dave & Ginny

Cleanup – Lynn and Tim

Set up for meals – Cathy and Amy

Supplies purchased – Courtney

Supply storage – Ward

Flyer – Clarissa

See you in September.

Committee Minutes May 2009

• It was decided that the Fall Camparama will be the weekend after Labor Day, which is September 11,12 & 13.

• Ben is going to take care of reserving the site for September.

• Shady Grove will be our Camparama site. Every one agreed that it is a nicer site than Shoal Creek.

• Amy suggested that we make the Jack Ferguson donation blurb on the flyer stand out more, maybe adding a line to fill in how much you wish to donate.

• Mack suggested that we add something on the flyer for child safety. Such as, helmets for kids riding bikes or scooters. Safety First!

• Assigned Positions:

Hosts – Tomy and Debra

Meal Set-up and clean up – Kathy & Amy

Firewood – Bob

Fire Marshalls – Ben and Ward

Raffle – Amy S. and Clarissa

Secretary – Amy B.

Flyer – Dave

Supplies – Brent

Coffee – Ginny and Dave

• Clarissa volunteered to fix up a Binder with the meeting reading in it.

• Valarie was volunteered to work on a Camparama Website…yea Valarie!

Thanks to everyone for making our Spring campout a great one!!! See you in Sept.

Committee Minutes September 2008

Item – Raffle
It was decided to have the raffle after the Sat. night meeting. Before the campfire.
Brenda is to be reimbursed for the money spent on this raffle.

Item – Supplies
Brent will take an inventory of supplies and purchase what is needed for next Camparama. Brent will be reimbursed for cost.

Item – Next Camparama
We probably won’t have it at Shoal Creek. Ben found another campground and is going to go look at it. Shady Grove Campground.

Item – Flyers
Mail flyers for next Camparama in order to get more preregistrations.

Item – New Address list
The pad will be passed around to get addresses.

Next Camparama – 1st weekend in May

Payment for day people of $10.00 was discussed. It was decide that we will pass the hat on Sat. night.

Item – List of jobs

Set up and take down for meals- Lynn and Cathy
Kids entertainment – Ward
E-mail group in Yahoo- Ron and Courtney
New Flyer – Dave
Wood – Bob F.
Coffee – Ginny and Dave
Marshall – Ben and Asst. Ward
Secretary- Ginny
Chairperson – Tomi
Raffle – Brenda
Supplies – Brent

Committee Members as of May 2009

Set Up/Clean Up for Meals:
Co Fire-Marshall:
Tomy and Debra G.
Amy B.
Dave and Ginny
Cathy R./Amy S.
Ben D.
Amy S./Clarissa